Beds made and linens changed if left out (Upon Request).- all areas dusted on top, on the front and underneath.- mirrors washed, cleaned and left streak free.- carpets vacuumed including under the bed if accessible.- picture frames dusted and straightened.- all trash emptied.- lamp shades wiped clean and dusted.- overall appearance of room left clean and neat.


Bath tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed, dried and left sparkling.- toilets cleaned including base sinks cleaned, rinsed and left sparkling.- mirrors washed, cleaned and left streak free. *All trash emptied.- vacuum and wash floor.- vanity counter top cleaned.- tiles and faucets cleaned, rinsed, and left sparkling.


Countertops washed, rinsed and left sparkling.- cabinet fronts wiped free of dirt and fingerprints.- sink scrubbed, rinsed and left sparkling.- outside of ovens, and refrigerators cleaned, we will clean inside of- ovens and refrigerators (Upon Request).

All other areas

Furniture dusted, we will polish furniture (Upon Request).- picture frames dusted and straightened.- lamp shades and fan wiped clean and dusted.- cobwebs removed from walls and windows.- couch and cushions vacuumed and straightened.- coffee table books and magazines straightened.- glass tables cleaned streak free.- fireplace and fireside cleaned.- carpet vacuumed including under furniture if accessible.- hardwood or tile floor cleaned- all trash emptied.