Weekly, biweekly and monthly.We visit your home once, twice a week or once a month.

One of ours great teams that is assigned to your home will show up on scheduled day to perform the cleaning. The girls will get familiar with your place from the first visit and your needs will become the number one priority for them.They will know best where you keep your cleaning supplies, what are the names of your pets and how you like your bed to be made...

One time cleaning, spring cleaning.

We visit you home one time to perform very thorough cleaning. It can be spring cleaning, after party cleaning, before Holliday cleaning...etc. One team will visit your house and spend there couple hours even whole day cleaning, polishing and scrubbing each and every corner of your home. This type of cleaning is also performed during the first visit of your home if you decide to be our regular customer. Many one time cleaning assignments become a regular thing after you see the results of our thorough cleaning. This is usually the moment when you fall in love again with your home and decide to maintain its good shape by hiring us on a long terms.

Move in, move out.

We want to make the place looking like new after you move out. We will clean kitchen cabinets inside/outside, all kitchen appliances inside/outside. We can also upon your request wash the walls and remove all the finger prints from light switches and other small areas. We want that the place make good impression after your landlord opens the door. the same process is being performed before you move into the new home.

After construction cleaning.

One or two teams depends on a size of the projects will remove all the remaining of performed construction, mostly dust left after sanding the floors, walls etc. Basically we will make the place ready for you and your family to move into without worrying about breathing construction dust and dealing with the huge cleaning.

Windows cleaning.

We having great experience in cleaning the windows of your home. We will remove all screens to have the access to all windows and using the squeegee we make them streak free clean. We will also clean the screens.

Janitorial cleaning.

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