1 - 2 Bathrooms up to 1000 sq/ft

 up to 1000 sq/ft

$100 - $150

2 - 3 Bathrooms up to 2000 sq/ft

 up to 2000 sq/ft

$130 - $170

3 - 4 Bathrooms up to 3000 sq/ft

up to 3000 sq/ft

$150 - $220

5 - 6 Bathrooms up to 4000 sq/ft

up to 4000 sq/ft

$180 - $300

The price to clean your home is based on many factors, some of those include the size of your house and frequency of cleanings. If you decide to have us clean your house weekly the price for each cleaning will be lower rather than if you go with every other week or once a month cleaning. Monthly cleanings are priced higher compare to weekly and every other week cleanings because we allow more time to pass between each visit and therefore every area of the house requires thorough cleaning. Weekly and every other week cleanings allow to rotate specific tasks like wiping down the baseboards, the blinds, dusting top of curtains and wiping down fingerprints off the doors and other areas. Focus areas of your house are chosen on each visit.


Initial cleaning that is followed by ongoing service is priced at $40 an hour per person.After initial cleaning is completed we visit your home on regular basis. The list of all cleaning tasks performed each time is listed under CLEANIING PROCESS. Here are some tasks that are not included in BASIC cleaning however can be added on initial cleaning when priced based on hourly rate: cleaning of fridge/freezer, cleaning of fireplace, inside of oven, inside of kitchen/hallway/bathroom cabinets, deep cleaning of range hood that requires disassembling it, cleaning of garage, large porches and balconies, complete cleaning of windows inside/out, laundry (wash and fold).We are happy to provide some of those tasks at additional cost:

  • cleaning of fridge: $20 - $40
  • Scrubbing inside of oven: $20 - $40
  • Cleaning fireplace of ashes and wiping it: $20 - $30
  • Laundry (wash and fold): fee is applied based on time needed
  • Cleaning of garage (cabinets and floors), porches, balconies, outdoor furniture and grill: fee is applied based on time needed
  • Cleaning of inside cabinets: fee is applied based on time needed
  • Cleaning of windows from inside and outside 1st floor that are easy to access, we carry 2 step ladder: fee is applied based on time needed


One time cleaning is priced hourly $40 an hour per person. It applies to:

  • deep (spring cleaning)
  • After party cleaning
  • Move in/out
  • Post construction cleaning

Some of above mentioned extra tasks not included in basic ongoing cleaning may be included in any cleaning that is priced based on hourly rate.